About Us - Fastest Online Bourbon Whiskey deliver store
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                     About us

                                          Buy Whiskey online and have it delivered to your door!! We ship everywhere in the in the World! We offer a wide variety of Bourbon Whiskey for recreational and medicinal use with quality taste .

Unlike most dispensaries, we ship anywhere in the World. We offer a number of different anonymous payment options.

Our Story

Caskers was founded in New York City in 2012 with the idea to introduce you to the amazing spirits from around the world and share our excitement over them with our customers from across the US and Europe.

Choose your way to booze

Our experts work to offer you unique and extraordinary craft spirits from the US and the world and have them delivered to your door. You can make your picks from the curated selection updated daily or click autopilot and join one of our whiskey clubs that delivers three full-size bottles every three months.

In case you were wondering

All alcohol sales are solicited, offered, accepted, made and delivered by alcoholic beverage licensees. You are not buying from Caskers, but Caskers is connecting you to the people who have products we think you’ll love, so that you can take pride in what you drink!

Ready to start growing with us?

Try out our service for the First time 

  • - High grade marijuana delivered to your door

  • - Anonymous payments via bank deposit, credit cards, bitcoin and more!

  • - No medical ID card needed

  • - Super stealth double vacuum sealed shipping

  • - Bags that weigh properly. You won’t get shorted!

About New Arrivals

If You aren’t constantly on the lookout for newexciting spirits, are you even an aficionado? Think about it. Get your daily dose of fresh new drops at one vivacious spot! Never a dry moment here.

Everything from luxurious Japanese whisky to bad-a$$ Colombian rum; across regions, categories, price points – this is where it’s at. Don’t miss a sip of vintage drinks revivals like ‘rock&rye’ or a restock of your go-to Irish whiskey! Get in,boozer, let’s keep your home bar relevant.